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Who we are?

We are a team of passionate individuals who just love to learn and share our learnings. We strive to empower others around us. We decided to build XpertFinder, to empower those who have the knowledge to help them and get compensated for what they know. At the same time, we give easy access to those who seek to learn.

XpertFinder helps you learn and share knowledge online differently: saving commute time, consultation fee and see yourselves transform! Join us now for an intellectual adventure!

Learn and share knowledge

At XpertFinder, we thrive in diversity. Our mission is to help diverse individuals to share their voices, perspectives, stories and expertise through a live streaming platform and get compensated for what they know from their audience. XpertFinder is an EdTech Startup where we allow all walks of lives to share and contribute to the conversation easily and quickly. We strive to give everyone a chance at learning and is not limited to location, size of the business, and time.

To start, simply launch a session and invite your contacts. You can make it privately for one-on-one conversations, or publicly where others can browse. Make your session free, charge a price of coffee or donations to your favorite charities!

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Our core team

Ima Miri
Ima Miri

Tech CEO, Founder

Chris Clark
Chris Clark

Board Advisor

Polly Au
Polly Au

Product Designer


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