Saturday Design Huddle: Let's play with Figma

Hello, my name is Polly from Sydney and I have experience working with teams to brainstorm and whiteboard concepts. I can create wireframes at varying levels of fidelity, and love prototyping ideas. I have some front-end coding experience, and enjoy working with product managers, devs, and content strategists to build ideas out. I am an advocate for design research to make sure the features are useful and delightful for end-users. How can I help you? In this interactive tutorial + Saturday hangout, we are going to paint our digital town in Figma! Absolute Beginners welcome! Let's learn and play. *Since we are painting our virtual town, I am going to donate 1% of the fees to Youth off the Streets. At Youth Off The Streets, we help young people discover their potential. We encourage them to dream big – and our programs provide the skills they require to achieve their goals. We want to see all young people living in safety. Our goal? To ensure that education, safe accommodation and drug and alcohol rehabilitation are available to everyone.


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