Casual Huddle: Hustling From Home

Hello, my name is Polly from Sydney and I have experience working with teams to brainstorm and whiteboard concepts. I can create wireframes at varying levels of fidelity, and love prototyping ideas. I have some front-end coding experience, and enjoy working with product managers, devs, and content strategists to build ideas out. I am an advocate for design research to make sure the features are useful and delightful for end-users. How can I help you? You know what? I want to get to know people out there who are working from home and making a living wage with the lifestyle. I want to know your tips and tricks about staying productive at home. I want to know your challenges when you first transitioned to working remotely. Needed to self-isolate lately? Find out more about how to work from home. This is an informal networking session hosted at.. wherever you are. Who knows. Maybe I am going to know about my next favorite productivity tool or meeting a new accountability buddy.


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